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What is a window? It seems an obvious question. By general definition a window is an opening fitted with glass that allows light into a room. Such designs go back to ancient times, when wealthy Romans started installing paned openings in their homes. The first clear glass panes were introduced in the late 3rd century CE, when the glassmakers came up with a method that involved blowing a cylindrical bubble of glass and then slice it lengthwise. But windows don’t necessary require glass to earn their status – even today, Japanese homes often use paper in stead of glass and so they go back to our very beginnings, when humans began building their homes. Mankind had moved on and today there are many types of windows:



Types of Windows


  • Horizontal sliding -they slide open horizontally, can feature two or more shades and are good for ventilation.
  • Bifold -involves two or more panels folding on to themselves.
  • Louvre -have a series of blades that tilt to open. Usually opened by a handle, lever or a remote control.
  • Skylights/roof lanterns-aligned to the roof of a house and are small but let in a lot of light than normal windows.
  • Awning -are hinged at the top and open outwards.
  • Transoms and fanlights-they are small windows that are normally placed above doors and improve ventilation and lighting.


Of course, regardless of the type all windows require cleaning. For government-approved cleaning give us a call today on: 011 568 1385!

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